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Beatrice Noble Memorial Speedskating Scholarship

Recognizing young speed skaters living with

a chronic medical condition

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The Buffalo Speedskating Club is proud to offer a yearly scholarship to speed skaters up to age 18 in the US and Canada who are living with a chronic medical condition. The scholarships in the amount of $2,000 USD each will be used to pay for costs directly related to the recipient's participation in the sport of speedskating. There will be up to three scholarships awarded in 2022, the last year that the scholarship has been funded for.



Scholarship funds may be used for the following:

  • Club membership and ice fees

  • Camp fees and related expenses

  • Clinic fees and related expenses

  • Meet registration fees and related expenses

  • Equipment



A yearly scholarship for skaters up to age 18 whose participation in speedskating helps control their chronic medical condition, and therefore improves the quality of their life. Examples of chronic conditions include but are not limited to:

Type 1 Diabetes; Cystic Fibrosis; Celiac Disease; Asthma and Clinical Depression.


A note from Scholarship Administrator - Alan Jay


In my capacity as a speedskating coach, club administrator, and camp director, I have met a number of young skaters with chronic and in some cases life-threatening illnesses. From interactions with these children and their families, I’ve come to learn and appreciate how important athletics is to managing their health and overall well-being. It is well researched and documented that physical fitness and sports can play an important role in establishing and maintaining good health for otherwise healthy individuals. For children with chronic medical conditions, this can be particularly important. Developing and maintaining physical fitness through participation in athletics can dramatically and measurably affect the outcome of their conditions, and in some cases directly impact their expected lifespan.


Skaters with chronic medical conditions often face unique participation obstacles.

  • Their condition may require periodic and/or unexpected treatment resulting in missed practices and events.

  • During practices and events their condition may require a treatment that temporarily removes them from participation.

  • Because of issues such as treatment regimens, and dietary requirements, children and their families may incur unique financial burdens relating to participation in speedskating. These may include but are not limited to increased travel costs for camps; meets and clinics; specialized equipment; insurance and medical care.

Through a generous donation from the Noble Family Charitable Foundation, the Buffalo Speed Skating Club (BSC)  is honored to provide this unique scholarship opportunity to young speedskaters living with chronic medical conditions.


Scholarship goals:

  • Provide financial assistance to the recipients.

  • Recognize the recipients for their strength, perseverance, and dedication to, and accomplishments in the sport of speedskating.

  • Encourage children with chronic medical conditions to participate in athletics in general, and speedskating in particular.

  • Set an example for the greater speedskating community by recognizing the recipients.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Currently under a physician's care for a chronic medical condition.

  • A citizen or permanent resident of the US or Canada.

  • A current member of US Speedskating or Speed Skating Canada.

  • 18 years or younger as of July 1, 2021.

  • There are no income restrictions

Application Process:


Applicants are required to provide all of the following documents in order to be considered:

  • Application (submitted online).

  • Essay: "how speedskating helps me to manage my chronic medical condition, and what the sport means to me". Essays must be a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 1,000 words, (submitted online). Note: Parents may help skaters write the essay, but must indicate that they have done so.

  • Two recent photos - one speedskating and one full face, (submitted online).

  • Letter from physician (on letterhead) confirming chronic medical condition diagnosis, (submitted online).

  • Two Letters of recommendation from individuals outside of the applicant’s immediate family. One must be from a speedskating coach or club official, (submitted online by the person giving the recommendation, a link to a separate form will be provided).

The following criteria will be used to evaluate applications:

  • Completeness of application

  • Quality of essay

  • letters of recommendation

  • Level of skating experience, accomplishments, and involvement and/or contributions to the sport.



Up to three (3) $2,000 scholarships will be awarded in 2022. The application deadline is September 1, 2022. The recipients will be announced on October 1, 2022. Payment (mailed checks) will be made by October 15, 2022. In the event that all three scholarships are not awarded in a given year, the scholarship funds not awarded will be used in the following year.


The scholarship evaluation committee is comprised of three individuals as follows:

  • BSC certified coach or board member

  • A prominent member of the speedskating community

  • Medical Professional with ties to the speedskating community

After the scholarships are awarded the recipients will be recognized. This will be done through USS, SSC, the BSC website, and various media outlets including social media.  As part of the application process the applicants must therefore agree to the following statement:


“If awarded this scholarship I agree that the Buffalo Speedskating Club (BSC) may release to all media worldwide, without restriction, information about me, to depict and/or identify myself as a  person with a chronic medical condition, and to identify the said condition. I also consent to the use of photographs or images without restriction, in all media as the BSC sees fit. I understand that the BSC will work with me to ensure that biographical information and photographs are acceptable and appropriate”.


About the Noble Family Foundation:


The Noble Family Foundation was established upon the passing of Beatrice Noble. Through hard work, study and selflessness, throughout her life Beatrice cared and provided for family, friends, and strangers alike. In keeping with the charitable goals and wishes of Beatrice, this scholarship is funded by the Foundation through a donation from the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County. To read a brief biography of Beatrice Noble please click here

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