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Matthew Crovella Memorial Award

The Matthew Crovella Memorial Award is given to the camp athlete who best demonstrates the traits that Matthew embodied during his seven years attending the camp.

● Kindness  ● Helpfulness ● Positive Attitude ● Sportsmanship

2022 Award Recipient


Gabriel Hasselback

DOB - 06/09/2006


Club - Buffalo Speedskating Club


Residence - Hamburg, NY

Biography coming soon

2021 Inaugural Award Recipient


Sammy Hart-Gorman

DOB - 09/18/2005


Club - Syracuse Speedskating Club


Residence - Syracuse, NY

Sammy has been speedskating since the age of 8 with the Syracuse Speedskating Club. He has trained with and competed against skaters locally, nationally, and internationally, and has enjoyed meeting and learning from many different coaches and athletes. In addition to skating with the Syracuse Club, Sammy regularly travels to Lake Placid, NY where he trains and competes in long track. Sammy has attended the Buffalo Junior Summer Camp since 2017. He very much enjoys challenging himself at the camp and looks forward to returning each year. In addition to speedskating, Sammy enjoys running, cycling, watching classic movies, eating spicy food, and spending time with his many pets. In the fall of 2021, Sammy will be entering his sophomore year at Nottingham High School in Syracuse, NY. 

It is fitting that Sammy's fellow campers voted to award him the inaugural Memorial Award. Sammy and Matt skated with the same club, attend the camp together for three years, and were good friends. In Sammy's words: “Matt Crovella was more than a teammate, he was my friend and mentor. I looked up to Matt. His leadership, kindness, sportsmanship, and generosity are traits that I hope to emulate. Receiving the first Matthew Crovella Memorial award means so much to me. This is the most important award I have ever received.”

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