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Beatrice Noble Memorial Speedskating Scholarship

Recognizing young speed skaters living with

a chronic medical condition

2022 Scholarship Recipients


Eliyahu Louz


DOB - 06/11/2010


Club - Saratoga Winter Club, NY


Residence - Galway, New York, US


Chronic Medical Conditions - Severe Food and Environmental allergies, Asthma, Eczma, IBS and sensory disorder.

Eli took to the ice at the age of six, skating recreationally throughout the winter months in New York's Prospect Park. Eli immediately showed great balance and ease on skates, and just loved to be outdoors and on the ice. As his skating progressed, his family contemplated what the next step would be. Eliyahu had spent many summer months sitting on the couch with his grandfather who would tell him stories of how he used to speed skate, and how much fun it was! His mother would give him two quarters to take the bus to the rink and back, but he loved it so much that he walked instead, and saved the quarters for more ice time. Eliyahu decided he’d have to try it!

Shortly after, Eli and his family moved to the Saratoga area and found that there was a club just a half hour away that actually offered speed skating. His first night on the ice was all he needed to fall in love with the sport. There he was, skating in circles with a smile on his face, this was his sport! Eli's mom remembers standing next to Gail Brophy, ( A national level speed skater and prominent figure in the speed skating world), who turned to her and said, “He’s going to be a skater!”. Eli has continued to skate since that night, never missing a practice, and only having been absent one season due to illness and injury. He loves meets, racing, making new friends on the ice, and especially getting low. Eli can often be found practicing his basic position at the grocery store, in the house, in the yard, really anywhere he can.

Eliyahu came into this world early, tiny and tired. He was diagnosed with Eczema and food allergies as an infant, and by the time he was a toddler that diagnosis had changed to include severe food and environmental allergies and Asthma. Life can be hard as it is for any child growing up in today’s world, but for those with chronic illness, the most basic of life’s daily tasks can be stressful and difficult. Eli has and continues to struggle with these most basic things. He has ups and downs and some days are harder than others, but one thing that remains constant is Eliyahu’s courage and determination to rise above it all, every single time. Without fail, Eli has not let his diagnosis stop him from doing what he loves. It is a battle that Eliyahu fights bravely and with all his heart. He is an exceptionally strong kid, putting the utmost care into whatever he puts his mind to. When not on the ice, Eliyahu enjoys riding and fixing bicycles and is an avid model shipbuilder and early 19th-century history buff. He spends many hours scratch-building model soldiers and ships and is an active member of the U.S.S Constitution shipwrights guild.

Eliyahu is honored to have been chosen as a recipient of the Beatrice Noble speed skating scholarship award, which will greatly help further his skating. He is comforted and humbled by the fact that such a scholarship exists to recognize children like himself and others with chronic illnesses. In Eliyahu’s words: “ For all the kids out there with chronic illness, I get you, keep your hopes up and your blades sharp!”


photo Mathieu Lavoie Bourse Béatrice Noble.jpg

Mathieu Lavoie


DOB - 02/27/2011

DDN - 27/02/2011


Club -CPVRRN (Rosemère Rive-Nord Speed ​​Skating Club)

          CPVRRN (Club de Patinage de Vitesse Rosemère Rive-Nord)


Residence / Résidence - Blainville, Québec, CA

Chronic Medical Condition - Chronic Nephropathy and Bilateral Congenital Renal Malformations.

Condition Médicale Chronique - Néphropathie chronique et Malformations rénales congénitales bilatérales.        

Mathieu is the third child of five and all speed skate with the CPVRRN. At 5 years old, Mathieu decided to follow in the footsteps of his brother Julien, and his sister Camille, by putting on long blade skates. Mathieu trains four times a week with the CPVRRN. In addition to sharing the ice with his sister and three brothers, Mathieu has a strong sense of belonging to his club and has forged close ties with his coaches and teammates Mathieu is also on the FPVQ interregional competition circuit.

Mathieu likes several sports. For the past four years, he has also been part of the Triathlon team at his school, Académie Ste-Thérèse (Rosemère, Qc). Mathieu particularly likes the technical aspect of speed skating and likes to challenge himself on the ice with his skater friends. Also, Mathieu has been teaching the younger skaters of our local club (Petite skate school ``les Pingouins``) for two years. Despite his young age, Mathieu likes to transmit his passion to the youngest skaters. This is one of the values ​​conveyed within our Club, and giving back to the community is very important to Mathieu.

Speed ​​skating is a perfect sport for Mathieu's condition. It is an aerobic type endurance sport that improves his cardiovascular capacities by minimizing the impact of his nephropathy on his general health. We would like to highlight the support and great understanding of the CPVRRN coaches, in particular, Franz Paquette Wyszinski and Sébastien Cadorette who show particular attention and great sensitivity to Mathieu's situation. Mathieu's coaches emphasize his strong physical aptitudes for the sport, but above all, his charisma, his determination, and his remarkable attendance. Mathieu is often the last to leave the locker room because he chats with his friends... Team spirit, even in this individual sport, means a lot to Mathieu.

Thanks to the outstanding pediatric nephrology and urology team at the Montreal Children's Hospital, Mathieu is very familiar with the challenges of his chronic illness. His nephrologist at the MCH regularly encourages Mathieu by telling him that he makes his job easier since he is a great athlete! The human and positive approach from the medical team encourages Mathieu, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.


Mathieu managed to integrate his medical condition into his reality as an 11-year-old and become the brilliant, curious, and fulfilled young athlete that we know... the whole Lavoie family is very proud of him!


In closing, we would like to sincerely thank all those who have contributed to the development of the Beatrice Noble Scholarship. These young skaters living with a chronic medical condition, with all the daily challenges that entail, develop exceptional personalities and push their limits. To highlight their merit, beyond pure performance, is refreshing and honorable.


Mathieu est le troisième enfant d'une famille de 5 enfants qui pratiquent tous le patinage de vitesse au CPVRRN. À 5 ans, Mathieu a décidé de suivre les traces de son frère Julien et de sa sœur Camille en enfilant à son tour les patins à longues lames. Il s'entraîne 4 fois par semaine au CPVRRN. Il a un fort sentiment d'appartenance à son Club, car il a tissé des liens serrés avec ses entraîneurs et ses coéquipiers en plus de partager la glace avec sa sœur et ses 3 frères. Il évolue sur le circuit de compétition interrégional de la FPVQ.

Mathieu aime plusieurs sports. Depuis 4 ans, il fait aussi partie de l'équipe de Triathlon de son école, l'Académie Ste-Thérèse (Rosemère, Qc). Mathieu aime particulièrement l’aspect technique du patinage de vitesse et aime beaucoup se lancer des défis sur la glace avec ses amis patineurs. Aussi, Mathieu enseigne aux petits patineurs de notre Club local (Petite école de patinage les Pingouins) depuis 2 ans déjà. Malgré son jeune âge, il aime transmettre sa passion aux plus jeunes. C’est une des valeurs véhiculées au sein de notre Club et que l’on retrouve dans la pratique du patinage de vitesse qui est très importante pour lui : donner au suivant.

Le patinage de vitesse est un sport parfaitement indiqué dans la condition de Mathieu. C'est un sport d'endurance de type aérobique qui améliore ses capacités cardio-vasculaires en minimisant l'impact de sa néphropathie sur sa santé générale. Nous tenons à souligner l’appui et la grande compréhension des entraîneurs du CPVRRN, en particulier Franz Paquette Wyszinski et Sébastien Cadorette qui ont fait preuve d’une attention toute particulière et d’une grande sensibilité face à la situation de Mathieu.  
Les entraîneurs de Mathieu soulignent ses fortes aptitudes physiques pour ce sport, mais surtout son charisme, sa détermination et son assiduité remarquable. Mathieu est souvent le dernier à sortir des vestiaires car il jase avec ses amis…L’esprit d’équipe, même si ce sport est individuel, prend une place très importante pour Mathieu.

Grâce à l’équipe hors-pair de néphrologie et d’urologie pédiatrique de l’Hôpital de Montréal pour Enfants (Montreal Childrens Hospital), Mathieu connaît très bien les enjeux de sa maladie chronique. La néphrologue de l’Hôpital de Montréal pour Enfants encourage régulièrement Mathieu en lui disant qu’il rend son travail plus facile puisqu’il est un grand athlète ! Son approche humaine et positive encourage Mathieu et on la remercie du fond du cœur.  
Mathieu a réussi à intégrer sa condition médicale à sa réalité de jeune de 11 ans et devenir le jeune athlète brillant, curieux et épanoui que l’on connaît...  
Toute la famille Lavoie est très fière de lui!

En terminant, nous tenons à remercier sincèrement tous les acteurs qui ont contribué au développement de la Bourse Béatrice Noble. Ces jeunes patineurs vivant avec une condition médicale chronique, avec tous les défis quotidiens que cela implique, développent des personnalités exceptionnelles et repoussent leurs limites. De souligner leur mérite, au-delà de la pure performance, est rafraichissant et honorable…



Alexis Therrien


DOB - 03/25/2008

DDN - 25/03/2008


Club -The Chicoutimi Comets (Les comètes de Chicoutimi) Marc Gagnon Regional

           Les comètes de Chicoutimi Centre Régional Marc Gagnon


 Residence / Résidence - Saint-Honoré-de-Chicoutimi, Québec, CA

Chronic Medical Condition - Generalized Myasthenia Gravis

Condition Médicale Chronique -  Myasthénie Grave Généralisée

Alexis started speed skating at the age of five. He currently skates at the MGC (Regional Center), training four to five times a week. Also,since beginning high school, Alex is a student in the Sports-Study program. Before falling sick, Alexis performed at a very high level. He loves everything about short track, and has recently become an assistant coach for beginners with long blades with the Comets club.

In May 2021, Alexis started struggling with his muscles and stamina. His face was the most affected, causing him difficulty in pronunciation, chewing and smiling. Since then, Alexis has taken several tests to find out what was hiding under these symptoms, and was hospitalized for five days in order to seek all possible leads. Despite all the tests, the official diagnosis of generalized Myasthenia graviswas was only made at the end of April, 2022! Alexis started medication in June, 2021. In August, realizing that it was not enough, Alexis began going to the hospital for two half days every month to receive immunoglobulins. This treatment was still not enough, so recently Alexis spent 14 hours on an infusion of Rituximab, a powerful immunosuppressant, which could hopefully bring him remission. Alexis will be receiving a second dose of treatment soon, fingers crossed.

Alexis is followed by a pediatric neurologist in Quebec City (which is a 3-hour drive from his home), and has a team of pediatrician-nurses in the region. It should be noted that Myasthenia gravis rarely affects children.


For more information on Myasthenia Gravis please go to: Myasthenia Gravis Society of Canada




Alexis a commencé le patinage de vitesse à l'âge de 5 ans.  Il patine maintenant au CMG (Centre Régional), s’entraînant de 4-5 fois par semaine.  Il fait également partie du programme Sport-études depuis le début de son secondaire.  Avant sa maladie, Alexis a toujours été très performant!  Il aime tout du patinage de vitesse courte piste.  Il est depuis peu, coach adjoint pour les débutants aux longues lames dans le club des Comètes.
En mai 2021, Alexis a commencé à avoir des difficultés avec ses muscles et son endurance.  Son visage était le plus atteint, ce qui lui causait du mal à prononcer, à mastiquer et à sourire.  Depuis, Alexis a passé plusieurs tests afin de découvrir ce qui se cachait sous ces symptômes.  Il a été hospitalisé 5 jours afin de chercher toutes les pistes possibles.  Malgré tous les tests passés, le diagnostic officiel a été émis seulement en fin avril 2022!  Alexis a une Myasthénie Grave Généralisée.  Il a démarré une médication en juin 2021, qu’il continue depuis.  En août, avec constat que ce n’était pas suffisant, Alexis doit se rendre à l’hôpital deux demies journées à tous les mois pour recevoir des immunoglobulines.  Ce traitement n’est toujours pas suffisant…  Donc récemment, Alexis a passé 14 heures sous perfusion pour Rituximab, un immunosupresseur puissant, qui pourrait lui apporter une rémission.  La deuxième dose sera donnée sous peu.  Alors croisons les doigts!

Alexis est suivi par un neurologue pédiatrique à Québec (qui est à 3h de route de la maison) et compte une équipe de pédiatre-infirmière ici dans la région.  Il est bien de noter que la Myasthénie touche rarement les enfants!
Pour plus d'informations sur la myasthénie :

A note from Scholarship Administrator - Alan Jay

On behalf of the Board and membership of the BSC I would like to thank our selection committee for choosing our three 2022 recipients. I know that all of the applicants were deserving of selection, and that the committee's decision was not an easy one.

Necole Zayatz - Necole is the Vice President of the Buffalo Speed Skating Club, as well as a Level 1 Coach. She is a competitive short track and long track master skater who has won awards nationally and internationally (2020 Winter World Master Games, Innsbruck, Austria). Necole is a four time Short Track US National Champion. She trains year round as a cyclist and cross-country skier.

Sandra Grenier-Howell -  Sandra is a Speed Skating Canada (SSC) level 2 Referee (working toward her Level 3B), and has been the Chief Referee for multiple meets throughout Ontario and the US. Additionally, Sandra is a SSC Level 1 coach with the Milton Speed Skating Club where she has been a member since 2011. Coaching and officiating runs in the Howell family. Sandra's husband Tim is a SSC Level 3 Track Steward, and a SSC Level 1 Coach. Her daughter Arielle referees, and often joins her dad on the ice as a Track Steward.

Cynthia Chou, M.D. - Cynthia is President of the Northbrook Speed Skating Club, and Meet Director of the annual NorthBurke Short Track Open.  She practiced General Pediatrics for 25 years at Lake Forest Pediatrics on the North Shore of Chicago.  She is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, holding academic appointments at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and serving on the medical staff of Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital and the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago.




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