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Buffalo Speedskating is a Short Track Speedskating club with members from throughout Western New York and Southern Ontario. We have been skating as a club in various incarnations for over 50 years, from a time when speed skating was the premiere ice sport in Western New York.


Buffalo has a long history of Speedskating dating back to the 1930's when Buffalo native Catherine "Kit" Klein won gold and bronze medals at the 1932 Lake Placid Winter Olympics, where women's speed skating was a demonstration sport. In 1931 more than 12,000 fans showed up in Delaware Park to watch her defend her 440-yard and 660-yard city speed skating championships. Continuing on through the 40's, 50's, and 60's the Buffalo Speedskating scene was very active with 5 different clubs and hundreds of members. In the 1970's

interest in Speedskating waned when the Sabres came to town, and hockey took over as the ice sport of choice. In the 80's, 90's and into this century, Speedskating in Western New York was championed by only a hand full of long time dedicated skaters.


Today, our club is proud to carry on and renew Buffalo's long-standing speedskating tradition. Our growing membership ranges from a 7 year old beginner to a National and North American 80-84 year old champion. Along with active clubs in Rochester, Syracuse, and Southern Ontario, our region has experienced a rebirth of this fast, exciting Olympic sport.


500 metres competition at the 1932 Winter Olympics of Lake Placid, where speed skating for women was a demonstration sport. She also participated in the 1000 metres event but was eliminated in the heats.

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Kit Klein - World Champion Speed Skater

Kit Klein was born in Buffalo, New York and started competing on the local level. Later, Klein finished first in the 1500 metres event and third in the

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