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Beatrice Noble Memorial Speedskating Scholarship

Recognizing young speed skaters living with

a chronic medical condition

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  • When and where is practice?
    During our regular season we skate from September through March at the North Buffalo Rink. On Sundays we skate from 3:30pm to 5:00pm, and on Wednesdays from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. For additional practice information please go to our Practice page.
  • How much does skating cost?
    Our fee structure is based on your skating membership level, and if you skate one or two days a week. For our Regular Season club fees please go to our Membership page.
  • How good of a skater do I have to be?
    We welcome skaters of all abilities. That said, while you certainly do not have to have any speedskating experience, you do need to be able to skate well enough on figure skates or hockey skates to get around the rink.
  • How old does my child need to be to skate?
    We encourage children to begin skating as soon as they show interest, and have the ability to safely skate around the rink. For the safety and enjoyment of all skaters, your child must also have the maturity, patience, and concentration necessary to follow instructions from our coaches and skaters. We would be happy to meet with you and your child if you have any questions about his or her readiness to speedskate.
  • How can you accommodate skaters of different abilities at the same practice?
    We split our skaters into 3 groups based on ability, C, B and A (fast, faster and fastest), and all three groups are on the ice at the same time. While one group is skating on the track, the others are working on technique in the center of the ice, or simply warming up or cooling down while waiting their turn.
  • What equipment do I need to get started?
    To skate safely all skaters are required to wear a helmet, (bicycle helmets work well), full fingered gloves, a neck guard (the type hockey players wear), knee pads (volleyball or soccer knee pads are fine) and a long sleeve shirt and long pants, (these should both be warm and preferably close fitting). Many skaters also wear shin guards, (soccer shin guards work well), and Eye protection. While there are Short Track specific versions of all of these, to start they are not necessary. In addition to the above, you will of course need short track speed skates. When you begin the club can provide you with skates, a neck guard and knee pads. And when you are ready to buy, we will help you to determine what equipment is most appropriate for you, depending on your skill level and budget.
  • Where can I purchase speed skating equipment?
    There's one main supplier that most of our skaters use, Special Equipment Co. You will also find further resources on our links page. Our coaches and more experienced skaters are always happy to help with your equipment questions.
  • How do you sharpen speed skates?
    Speed skates are sharpened by hand using a sharpening stone and a jig, they cannot be sharpened on the equipment used for figure and hockey skates. When it comes time for you to learn how to sharpen your skates, you will be given instruction by one of our coaches or experienced skaters
  • How do I contact the club if my question is not answered here?
    If you have a question that is not answered here please contact us, or stop by a practice. We are always delighted to meet and talk with those interested in our sport.
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