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Heartland Racing Series Event #1

Saturday & Sunday - October 14 - 15, 2023

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US Speedskating sanctioned ability meet held on an Olympic size rink.

2023 Registration

Sold Out

Cost - $100 USD

Racing: Saturday & Sunday - October 14 - 15

Practice Ice: Friday evening - October 13

Last day for a refund - Sunday, October 1

Last day to be registered from the waitlist - October 1



Click for check-in, practice, warm-up, and start-time schedules.


The format of the Meet is a two-round progression, one heat, and a final for all skaters. The number of finals is based on the number of skaters in the heats. Progression to finals will be determined by the number of skaters in each group and then by position and next fastest.

Example 1: 12 skaters in a group, so 3 heats of 4 skaters. 5 skaters will qualify for the A final. The 1st place skater in each heat plus the next 2 fastest 2nd place skaters. 5 skaters will qualify for the B final. The remaining 2nd place skater, the three 3rd place skaters, and the fastest 4th place skater. The last 2 finishers will make up the C Final.

Example 2: 8 skaters in a group, so 2 heats of 4 skaters. 5 skaters will qualify for the A final, the 1st and 2nd from each heat plus the fastest 3rd place skater. The remaining 3 skaters will go to the B Final.

The Super Events are based on overall points. All athletes will skate in a Super, (A, B, C...)  for their longest distance. We are using the USS and ISU new points system, so every finalist will receive points for ranking.

Example of 12 skaters in a group

Heat 1 
1                  48.99    QA
2                  49.09    QA
3                  50.21    QB
4                  51.47    QB
Heat 2
1                  50.21    QA
2                  51.24    QB
3                  51.54    QB
4                  51.88    QC
Heat 3
1                  47.25    QA
2                  49.25    QA
3                  49.58    QB
          54.25    QC

Required Equipment

Helmet, full finger gloves (preferably cut-proof), eye protection, long sleeves, knee pads, neck protection and shin guards must be worn by all participants. Recommended Equipment: Full-body cut-resistant protection (either integrated into the skin suit or separate).


This is an Ability Meet. Skaters will be grouped according to their seed time, with consideration being given to the age of skaters in each group. With the exception of Heartland, divisions may be mixed-gender. Per USS guidelines, all skaters will race on an appropriate size track.


Heartland - skaters ages 12 and older as of 7/1/23 who meet the qualifying time standard of 1:48.0 for men and 1:58.0 for women in the 1000 meters. The time standard may be from a sanctioned short track meet, from July 1, 2022, or later. There will be two groups, Heartland A and Heartland B. The two groups will be roughly split 50/50 based on times.

New: The newly adopted ISU "Zero False Starts" rule will apply to all Heartland A races Heartland B will continue to observe the existing false start rule.


Ability - Skaters 11 and younger will compete in the Ability Division. Skaters ages 12 and older who do not meet the Heartland qualifying time standard will also compete in the Ability Division. Consideration will be given to the age of skaters in each group.

Novice  - This division is for skaters in their first year, and never having raced in a USS or SSC sanctioned meet. If unsure about eligibility, please discuss with the skater's coach or contact the meet director before registering.



Events not run in order. Events and groups are subject to change based on scheduling  considerations.


Heartland A:  M & W--- 500M / 777M / 1000M / Super 1500M
Heartland B:  M & W--- 500M / 777M / 1000M / Super 1500M

Niagara A: 20 & over --500M / 777M / 1000M / Super 1500M
Niagara B: 20 & over---- 333M / 500M / 777M / Super 1000M
Northtown: 11 & over---500M / 777M / 1000M / Super 1500M
Southtown: 11 & over----333M / 500M / 777M / Super 1000M
Sabres: 11 & over----------222M / 333M / 500M / Super 777M
Wings: 9 & 10--------------- 222M / 333M / 500M / Super 777M

Purple Eagles:10 & under--(85M track) - 85M / 170M / 255M
(111m track) - Super 500M

Bisons:10 & under----------(85M track) - 170M / 255M / 340M
(111m track) - Super 500M

Bulls: 10 & under------------(85M track) - 170M / 255M / 340M
(111m track) - Super 500M
A: 11 & over ----------------222M / 333M / 500M / Super 777M
B: 10 & under --(85M track) 85M /170M / 255M /Super 340M



2023 Meet Information


Photos - Raymond Lin (Potomac Speedskating Club) TBA


Photos - Alan Jay (Buffalo Speedskating Club) TBA

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Results TBA


Short Track Speed Skating Live

2023 Buffalo Short Track Championship

Schedule / Heat Assignments  Race Results

Divisions / Participants

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Heartland Racing Series


We are proud to be part of the Heartland Racing Series.

A season-long circuit of short track speed skating open class races to develop passion and skills for racing. Click here for additional information on the series.


The Heartland Challenge Cup.

Skaters racing in the HRS will represent either the
North East Short Track Series (NEST) or Heartland (HRS). The challenge will take place in Buffalo. The Challenge Cup will go to the team with the most points from the meet.


2023 Meet Shirt.PNG

Short Sleeve T-shirt

Performance 100% moisture-wicking polyester


Cost - $25 USD

T-shirt sales are closed

black w/pink

Partner Hotels

Hampton Inn Buffalo - Amherst

1601 Amherst Manor Dr., Amherst, NY 14221

Group rate sold out.


Hampton Inn Website


The hotel is adjacent to the rink, about a three-minute walk or a 30-second drive.

Hampton Inn.webp

Buffalo Marriott Niagara

1340 Millersport Highway, Amherst, NY 14221

Group rate sold out.


Buffalo Marriott Niagara Website

The hotel is about a 3

minute drive to the rink.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Be part of the fastest event on ice in Buffalo!

Contact :

Henry Withers -

Phone - 315-440-6764


To our 2023 sponsors, and partners,

thank you for your support!

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Meet Director - Henry Withers

Assistant Meet Director - Alan Jay

BSC President - Doug Lippa

For additional information contact:

Henry Withers -

Phone - 315-440-6764


Past Year's Meets

2014 through 2021 - Photos, results, and more.

Check it out!


The Northtown Center at Amherst


1615 Amherst Manor Drive

Williamsville, NY 14221



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