North American Virtual Short Track Masters

TT Challenge - 2019




Organized by the Buffalo Speedskating Club

& Milton Speed Skating


We are excited to announce a unique competitive opportunity for Master skaters in the U.S. and Canada.

The North American Virtual Short Track Masters TT Challenge - 2019.


The virtual meet gives masters an opportunity to compete without the cost and difficulty of traveling to a physical meet. This allows athletes to see how their times compare to those throughout the U.S. and Canada, while competing on an individual level and for their clubs. It is designed to be fun, instructive and challenging not only for the participating athletes but for their clubs as well. The virtual meet also gives masters who have never competed an opportunity to do so in an easy, safe and supportive environment - their own club.  Skaters who are unaffiliated will also have the opportunity to compete through their local clubs. Please note that all participants must be current members of US Speedskating or Speed Skating Canada.


Details & Rules:


1) This is a virtual time trial masters meet conducted on a standard 111.12m track. Each skater will be timed by their club on their home rink. Unaffiliated skaters may skate (if permitted), with and for a participating club.


2) We recognize the inherent differences that factors such as ice conditions, elevation, rink layout, and the timing of when competitors skate, can have on performance. However, since we can not control for these variables, in the spirit of goodwill and sportsmanship they will be discounted.


3)  Times are to be recorded to 1/100 of a second (min:sec.00), and must be witnessed by a US Speedskating or Speed Skating Canada certified coach, timer or referee. All skaters must be timed by three timers with the median (middle) time being the one submitted. Digital stopwatches must be used.


4) Skaters must skate as individuals. It is acceptable to have two skaters on the track at the same time as long as they start at opposite sides (pursuit format). Skaters are not allowed to draft and in the event that one skater will overtake the other, it is the responsibility of the passing skater to pass the slower skater cleanly. This may be done inside or outside as long as there is no interference. The skater about to be passed must not act improperly by suddenly changing track and interfering with the passing skater. The skater about to be passed may, at their option, move wide to allow the passing skater to go through, or hold their track. Be smart and be safe. You can always skate it again.


5) Starts are to comply with USS/SSC/ISU regulations e.g., (go to the start / ready / whistle or starting gun), no toe starts.


6) The virtual meet will take place during the month of February, 2019. Skaters will upload their best time in each distance to the website by February 28, 2019. Distances can be skated at anytime and in any order during the month, with each club determining when and how many times each competitor skates. It is up to individual clubs to decide on the most efficient, productive and enjoyable way for participating masters to achieve their desired times.


7) The age groups and events will be as follows, note: age of the skater on or before 6/30/2018.


Master Ladies 30-34    500m, 1000m, 1500m      Master Men 30-34    500m, 1000m, 1500m

Master Ladies 35-39    500m, 1000m, 1500m      Master Men 35-39    500m, 1000m, 1500m

Master Ladies 40-44    500m, 1000m, 1500m      Master Men 40-44    500m, 1000m, 1500m

Master Ladies 45-49    500m, 1000m, 1500m      Master Men 45-49    500m, 1000m, 1500m

Master Ladies 50-54    500m, 777m, 1000m        Master Men 50-54    500m, 777m, 1000m 

Master Ladies 55-59    500m, 777m, 1000m        Master Men 55-59    500m, 777m, 1000m

Master Ladies 60-64    500m, 777m, 1000m        Master Men 60-64    500m, 777m, 1000m

Master Ladies 65-69    500m, 777m, 1000m        Master Men 65-69    500m, 777m, 1000m

Master Ladies 70-74    333m, 500m, 777m          Master Men 70-74    333m, 500m, 777m

Master Ladies 75-79    333m, 500m, 777m          Master Men 75-79    333m, 500m, 777m

Master Ladies 80-84    111m, 333m, 500m          Master Men 80-84    111m, 333m, 500m

Master Ladies 85-89    111m, 333m, 500m          Master Men 85-89    111m, 333m, 500m

Master Ladies 90-up    111m, 333m, 500m          Master Men 90-up    111m, 333m, 500m


8) Competitors must have either a current US Speedskating competing membership, or a Speed Skating Canada competitive membership.


9) The track must be a standard 111.12 meters, and be verified by a US Speedskating or Speed Skating Canada certified coach or referee, (using the Club Sanction Form).


10) Proper safety precautions as generally required by US Speedskating or Speed Skating Canada must be taken to protect the personal welfare of all athletes and spectators.


11) To ensure that participating clubs meet the event guidelines concerning track layout, timing and safety, each club must submit an online Club Sanction Form prior to February 1, 2019. The form can be found here. Only one form needs to be submitted per club.



12) On-line registration will close on January 31, 2019. Early registration is $15 USD and will run until October 31, 2018. Regular registration will be $20 USD. Registration fees will be used to produce the awards, and if sufficient, as a small fundraiser for Milton and Buffalo. To register go here.


13) Awards (to be determined) will be given as follows.

        A)  The top three finishers in each age category and distance.

        B)  The top three overall (as determined by samalog scoring) in each age category. Please

              note that competitors must skate in all three distances to be eligible for the overall award.

        C)  The top club (as determined by actual points).


14) Results will be posted by March 31, 2019, and awards distributed by April 30, 2019.


15) To upload your Times in February, 2019 go here, (will become active on February 1).  


For additional information or questions:



Alan Jay (Buffalo) / 716-427-3435

Paul Emblin (Milton) / 905-878-2426


Special thanks to:

Craig Pielechowski for coming up with the idea for the virtual meet.

Glenn Corso & Tom Miller for their help in developing the format and rules.

Printable PDF Flyer.