Stair Climbing Workout















Stair climbing is one of the best ways to strengthen the glutes and leg muscles. It's a also great cardiovascular workout and is much lower impact than running. The way it works is that we run/walk up the stairs (2 at a time) and take the elevator down. 0ne set is 256 stairs and everyone takes them at their own pace. The number of sets also varies by individual. Depending on the night we may also incorporate additional stair routines such as jumping or skating specific cross overs.


Indoor stair climbing affords a great all weather training opportunity. And while hard to believe, even running up stairs is made fun when you are with a great group of folks.


To participate all you need to do is bring running or cross training shoes, something to drink, a towel to wipe away the sweat, and a desire to work hard and have fun.

More Information

If you would like additional information or plan on joining us, please call or email Alan.










University at Buffalo (Amherst campus) Furnas Hall.


Parking is Free and right next to the building



October through May


Monday's - 6:00PM (the workout lasts approximately an hour)

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