Beatrice Noble Memorial Speedskating Scholarship

Recognizing young speed skaters living with

chronic medical conditions




Who is eligible to apply?


A Speed skater (short track or long track) who meets the following criteria:

  • Currently under a physician's care for a chronic medical condition.
  • A citizen or permanent resident of the US or Canada.
  • A current member of US Speedskating or Speed Skating Canada.
  • 18 years or younger as of July 1, 2018

Is the scholarship based on financial need?


No, any eligible speed skater can apply, there is no financial test.


What is a chronic medical condition?


A chronic  medical condition or disease is one lasting 3 months or more, by the definition of the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics. Chronic conditions generally cannot be prevented by vaccines or cured by medication, nor do they just disappear. A chronic medical condition affects a child's normal activities, and requires lots of hospitalizations and/or home health care and/or extensive medical care. Chronic medical condition is an "umbrella" term. Children with chronic illnesses may be ill or well at any given time, but they are always living with their condition. Some examples of chronic conditions include (but are not limited to):

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Celiac Disease

  • Sickle cell anemia
  • Clinical Depression

  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Cancer
  • AIDS
  • Epilepsy
  • Congenital heart problems

How much is the scholarship?


The scholarship is in the amount of $1,000 USD. There will be up to three (3) scholarships awarded in 2019.


How long will the scholarship last?


The scholarship has been initially funded for five years.


Can an applicant apply more than once.


If an applicant is awarded a scholarship they cannot reapply in following years. Non-winning applicants can reapply.


How is the scholarship administered?


The scholarship is managed by the Buffalo Speedskating Club (BSC), and the scholarship administrator who is appointed by the board of the BSC. The application deadline is April 1, 2019. The recipients will be announced on May 1, 2019. Payment (mailed checks) will be made by May 15, 2019. In the event that all three scholarships are not awarded in a given year, the scholarship funds not awarded will be used in the following year.


Who chooses the recipient?


The scholarship evaluation committee is comprised of three individuals as follows:

  • BSC certified coach or board member
  • A prominent member of the speedskating community
  • Medical Professional with ties to the speedskating community

To help ensure impartiality, the names of the committee members will not be announced until after the selections have been made. At this time the committee members will be publicly acknowledge and thanked.


How is the scholarship funded?


The scholarship is funded by the Noble Family Foundation through a donation from the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County.


The Noble Family Foundation was established upon the passing of Beatrice Noble. Through hard work, study and selflessness, throughout her life Beatrice cared and provided for family, friends and strangers alike. In keeping with the charitable goals and wishes of Beatrice, the Foundation has chosen to provide funding.


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